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Latihan Bahasa Inggris Kelas 5 SD Themed "Our Bodies"

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Latihan Bahasa Inggris Kelas 5 SD Themed "Our Bodies"

2. Parts of the face
Head : kepala
Hair : rambut
Forehead : kening
Eye : mata
Nose : hidung
Mouth : mulut
Tongue : lidah
Tooth : gigi
Chin : dagu
Cheek : pipi
Ear : kuping
Eye brow : alis mata

3. Parts of the leg
Thigh : paha
Knee : lulut
Calf : betis
Ankle : pergelangan kaki
Heel : tumit
Sole : telapak kaki
Toe nail : kuku kaki

4. Parts of the hand
Finger nail : kuku tangan
Wrist : pergelangan tangan
Palm : telapak tangan
Thumb : ibu jari
Fore finger : telunjuk
Middle finger : jari tengah
Ring finger : jari manis
Little finger : kelingking

Fill the blank with the right answer
1. Legs are used to ….
2. Eyes are used to ….
3. Nose is used to ….
4. I use my …. to write.
5. I use my … to listen to music.
6. I have ten … in my right and left hands.
7. I use my … to taste the food.
8. Hair is to protect your …
6. Practice 2

Guess what in the short texts are.
a. I am a part of the body. I am on the top of the head
   What am I?.....
b. I am a part of the body. You always use it to eat your food.
   What am I?....
c. I am a part of the leg. You always protect me with shoes.
   What am i?....
d. I am a part of hand, you always use it to hold your item.
   What am I?
e. I am part of the body. I can hear.
   What am I?


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