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UKK Bahasa Inggris Kelas 3 SD Semester 2 Genap TA 2014/2105

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I.Pilihlah salah satu jawaban yang tepat dari huruf a, b, c, dan d!
1. I have two hands. Hand = ....
a. lengan
b. kaki
c. tangan
d. telapak kaki

2. I listen with my Ear. Ear = ....
a. mata
b. bahu
c. telinga
d. mata

3. I speak with my mouth. Mouth = ....
a. rambut
b. mulut
c. dada
d. pipi

4. There are ... months in a year.
a. twelve
b. thirteen
c. twenty
d. twenty two

5. There are ... days in a week.
a. five
b. six
c. seven
d. eight

6. 12 + 5 = 17. Into English ....
a. twelve plus five equals seventeen
b. twelve minus five equals seventeen
c. twelve times five equals seventeen
d. twelve devided by five equals seventeen

7. 42 – 17 = 25. Into English ....
a. foury two plus seventeen equals twenty five
b. fourty two minus seventeen equals twenty five
c. fourty two times seventeen equals tweenty five
d. fourty two devided by seventeen equals twenty five

8. 16 x 2 = ....
a. thirty two
b. thirty eight
c. thirty six
d. thirty four

9. 50 : 2 = ....
a. twenty
b. fifteen
c. twenty five
d. ten

10. It is ninetynine ....
a. 79
b. 89
c. 99
d. 69

11. Ear into Indonesian is ....
a. telinga
b. mata
c. hidung
d. mulut

12. Nail into Indonesian is ....
a. jari
b. tangan
c. lengan
d. kuku

13. We see with our ....
a. ears
b. eyes
c. nose
d. mouth

14. How many eyes do you have?
a. I have two eyes
b. I have three eyes
c. I have four eyes
d. I have five eyes

15. My father plants flowers in the ....
a. garden
b. garage
c. fence
d. kitchen

16. I sleep on my ....
a. pillow
b. matters
c. bolster
d. doll

17. We save our many in the ....
a. market
b. bank
c. museum
d. park

18. Air port = ....
a. terminal bus
b. stasiun kereta api
c. bandara
d. pelabuhan

19. We can borrow the book in the ....
a. school
b. library
c. bookstore
d. museum

20. Doni ... in the mosque.
a. prays
b. saves
c. enjoys
d. visits

21. We have ... in the restaurants.
a. dinner
b. buy
c. borrow
d. pray

22. The doctor work in the ....
a. school
b. hospital
c. zoo
d. airport

23. We buy the book in the .... a.Library b.School c.Shoop d.Museum

24. Where is the pan? is in the kitchen is in the livingroom is in the bedroom is in the bathroom

25. Where can we see the animals? the park the hospital the zoo the mosque

26. Wetake a bath in the .... a.bathroom b.bedroom c.livingroom d.diningroom

27. I go to the library to .... a.enjoy holiday b.borrow book c.sleep money

28. I have one .... a.nose b.hand c.finger d.eye

29. S –OUL – – R. The missing letters are .... a.H.I.O b.H.D.E c.D.E.R d.T.H.E

30. Harianto : How many fingers do you have? Harianti : .... a.I have two fingers b.I have four fingers c.I have ten fingers d.I have twenty fingers

31. F – – – GR. The missing letters are .... a.I.J.K b.I.N.E c.I.N.A d.A.N.E

32. Our family enjoys the the holiday visiting the .... a.park b.beach c.bus station d.air port

33. My mother buy vegetables and fruits in the .... b.mosque d.airport

34. Rina takes a bath in the .... a.bedroom b.livingroom c.bathroom d.diningroom

35. Wehave ... in front of house. b.garage d.yard

36. OTVES. The correct word is .... a.towel b.knife c.stove d.bolster

37. AIHR. The correct word is .... a.hand c.head d.nail

38. H – SP – – AL. The missing letters are .... a.O.T.I b.T.I.O c.O.I.T d.I.T.O

39. NEKE. The correct word is .... a.neck b.knee c.chin d.cheek

40. M – –SE – –. The missing letters are ....
a.U.U.M b.M.U.U c.U.M.U d.U.M.M


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